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Global Source Aviation LLC

A Full-service Aircraft Brokerage Firm

Global Source Aviation LLC is an aircraft broker representing clients to purchase, sell, and trade aircraft. With over 40 years of experience in the aviation industry, we cater to clients across the world. We’re a small team and assist clients with buying and selling with a one-on-one approach. Our years of market experience, financial analysis, and depth of technical background with our clients every step of the way are either maximizing asset value or guiding them to the right aircraft for their needs.

Global Source Aviation LLC

Aircraft Solutions

Global Source Aviation is a full-service aircraft brokerage firm specializing in selling and acquiring business jet aircraft. We provide our customers with a comprehensive solution, simplifying the sale or acquisition process and reducing our clients’ burden. We have over 40 years of experience in the aviation industry, yet our small size ensures that our customers are provided with an unparalleled personalized experience.

Global Source Aviation LLC
Global Source Aviation LLC

About Us

Joe’s Career

Joe Grech leads Global Source Aviation. Joe began his aviation career in 1978, working as an aircraft technician for Green Air Service in White Plains, NY. The other companies he worked for are:

  • Sperry Rand
  • RJ Reynolds
  • Gilliam Co
  • UtiliCorp United
  • Peregrine Aviation Services

Designations Held

Joe served in the following positions:

  • Technician
  • Crew chief
  • Director of maintenance
  • Third crew member
  • FBO Manager
  • VP Aircraft Sales

Joe’s Tenure

During his tenure, he gained valuable experience with several different types of aircraft. He attended several airframes, engine, and avionics schools. He also accumulated over 1500 hours on various aircraft types, flying as a third crew member worldwide. Joe was also responsible for overseeing the completion and acceptance of 11 aircraft. During his time with Gilliam Co, Joe became the manager of three FBOs with 120 employees in all segments of the business.  He also attended Embry Riddles BA Program and was VP of aircraft sales for Peregrine Aviation.

Global Source Aviation LLC
Global Source Aviation LLC
Global Source Aviation LLC

The Turning Point

In 1997, Joe joined the aviation brokerage firm, Peregrine Aviation Services, Inc. as an Aircraft Sales Director and Technical Director. There, he was involved in over 100 aircraft transactions and soon became VP of Aircraft Sales. Joe’s vast experience gives him a solid foundation to work from representing clients with sales & acquisitions of aircraft.

You can contact Joe at
(843) 884-4418

Global Source Aviation LLC