Building Relationships on Trust

At Global Source Aviation we offer a personalized approach to aircraft sales and acquisitions. We get to know your aircraft as if it was our own so we can determine the best marketing strategy. This approach has allowed GSA to sell aircraft for higher prices than others thought were possible. We will become acquainted with your requirements so we can present aircraft choices that shall meet those requirements.

Global Source Aviation LLC
Global Source Aviation LLC

Aircraft Acquisitions

Our team meets with clients to determine the desired aircraft mission and goals. We then conduct an initial market survey and identify aircraft models to fit client goals. An in-depth market survey and value analysis of aircraft will also be done for a sale, including logbook review and client viewing of target aircraft. We take up all contract negotiations and administration.

Our staff conducts a pre-buy inspection and resolution of discrepancy items followed by escrow administration and FAA documentation. We arrange for all export/import paperwork as and when needed and also provide financing assistance.

Aircraft Sales

At Global Source Aviation, an initial aircraft evaluation is done, including reviewing the logbooks, maintenance status, and general condition/cosmetics. We also offer market surveys and aircraft appraisals. A strategy to develop a custom-marketing strategy is done to meet client-specific goals. Advertisements are placed in major aviation publications, trade websites, and listings services. We then pre-qualify prospective buyers, conduct staffed visits for prospective buyers, and aircraft demonstrations are done.

We take up all contract negotiations and administration and guide you with escrow administration and FAA documentation and arrange all export/import paperwork. Bi-weekly reports and market updates are given along with a pre-purchase inspection and negotiation of discrepancies followed by an aircraft closing and post-closing follow-up.